Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mentha Lip Buffer

Hello! First post!

Okay, so I KNOW this is suppoed to be a 'food blog' well I mean it is but I'm just going to update about random things also, just because. But anyway, my first post is going to be about this new product that I've recently purchased and tried out. It's called "Mentha Lip Buffer" from the C.O. Bigelow line at Bath and Body Works! I don't know about you, but during the fall and winter seasons my lips get chapped and all yucky. I hate the feeling of those dead and dried up "lip skin" things. This lip buffer is AMAZING. You guys have to go out and get it. All you do is apply a little bit on your lips and rub it gently with your fingers. Then, you take a washcloth and wipe it right off. TA DA! perfect silkly smooth lips! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT.
Only $7.50 at B&BW! (Btw, they're have a sale right now. Buy 2 lip products and get the 3rd free!)

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